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Grace Ryu

Hello, my name is Grace Ryu and I am a recent graduate of UCSB. I am a passionate scientist and writer and am pursuing a career in technical science communication. 


Welcome to my page! As a dedicated aspiring writer, my goal is to create engaging and impactful content that resonates with broad audiences. With a strong foundation in rhetoric, technical writing, and science communication, I aim to bridge the gap between complex scientific ideas and accessible, compelling narratives. 

My journey began at UCSB, where I first pursued a career in research  with laboratory experience. However, as I started taking the pre-requisite courses for the professional writing minor, I developed deep appreciation for the nuances of effective communication. This experience shifted my career goal to pursuing science writing and communication. Through my writing, I strive achieve clarify and creativity, whether I'm creating technical documents or articles for the public. 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I look forward to sharing my work with you.